La Hacienda Del Rio


Local & Organic

Our Story

Buying local and organic is important to us at La Hacienda. By buying local and organic we are helping to support local businesses and providing our customers with a better product. This is new for us and we have only just begun to join the movement; but we are committed to continuing to take strides in the right direction by increasing our list of local and organic items.

What is Organic? 

There are very strict guidelines for a food item to be considered organic. These guidelines are: (source:

  • Prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers, various synthetic substances, irradiation, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in organic production.
  • Prohibit antibiotic and synthetic hormone use in organic meat and poultry.
  • Require 100% organic feed for organic livestock. 

 What is Local? 

A commitment to choosing locally produced foods is also at the heart of the organic movement. In addition to fresher foods and reduced fossil fuel consumption, the dollars we spend at a a local farm are much more likely to find their way back into our community.

There are many definitions of what buying local is. For us at LaHa, local is any food item that is grown and harvested within 100 miles of our restaurant and any beer/liquor item that is made and bottled in NH, VT, ME or MA.


The List

O = Organic / L = Local


  • Tomatoes (L + O)


  • Tres Generations Plata Tequila (O)
  • Casa Noble Silver Tequila (O) 


  • Smuttynose IPA & Brown Dog (L)
  • Harpoon IPA (L) 
  • Berkshire Coffeehouse Porter (L)
  • Long Trail Double Bag (L) 
  • Sam Adams Boston Lager & Light (L)

In addition to the list above, LaHa has designated two of our draft spouts to Local Brews only!