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T equila!


La Hacienda proudly serves the finest selection of tequila available.



This is the Blue Agave spirit in its purest form. It is clear and typically un-aged, where the true flavors and the intensity of the Agave are present, as well as the natural sweetness. There are some Blanco products that are aged for up to 2 months to provide a smoother or "Suave" spirit.

Patron, Herradura, Don Julio,  Don Eduardo, Pepe Lopez, Avion, Tarantula Azul


A Reposado Tequila is the first stage of "rested and aged". The Tequila is aged in wood barrels or storage tanks between 2 months and 11 months. The spirit takes on a golden hue and the taste becomes a good balance between the Agave and wood flavors.

Cazadores, Jose Cuervo Especial, Sauza Hornitos, Herradura Reposado, Cabo Wabo, Jose Cuervo Tradicional, Patron, 1800


After aging for at least one year, Tequila can then be classified as an "Añejo". The distillers are required to age Añejo Tequila in barrels that do not exceed 600 liters. This aging process darkens the Tequila to an Amber color, and the flavor can become smoother, richer, and more complex.

Patron, Don Eduardo, Don Julio, Tres Generations, Herradura , Avion, Sauza commemorativo


Mescal comes from the maguey plant, which is of the same lineage of the agave used to make tequila. Distilled just once, not twice. This can come from any region in Mexico. 

Monte Alban



Hacienda Gold

Our classic house tequila.

Pepe Lopez Silver

Pepe Lopez Silver is made from a combination of natural spring water and the highest quality, mature blue agave plants in Tequila, Mexico at La Mexican Distillery.


Sauza Gold

Sauza® Gold is a smooth Tequila with the fresh agave taste you expect—plus an extra hint of cooked agave and vanilla.


Middle Shelf Tequilas


1800 Reposado

Round and supple, buttery caramel and mild spice flavors.


Cazadores Reposado

Tequila Cazadores Reposado is 100% Blue Agave and rests for over two months in new, small, American white oak casks. Aging in new oak casks creates a unique Reposado Tequila that is rich in aroma & flavor. 


Cuervo Gold

Sweet, subtle agave, hint of oak and vanilla.

Cuervo Traditional

Cooked agave, herbaceous, oak notes -a hint of warm and spicy taste.


Monte Alban -Mezcal

Monte Alban has a distinctive smoky, potent yet smooth taste. The worm adds body and nutty flavors. Apocryphal legends note that the worm gives strength to anyone brave enough to gulp it down; some even believe it acts as an aphrodisiac. Like the drink itself, the worm is something of an acquired taste.


Sauza Commemorativo

Conmemorativo is a complex, 100% Agave Añejo that's both versatile and mixable. Full green agave flavor with toasted oak


Sauza Hornitos Reposado

This unique Reposado tequila has reduced contact with wood, giving it a paler color and livelier agave taste than other Reposados.


Tarantula Azul

Tarantula is no ordinary tequila, it's a tequila mixed with the world's finest natural citrus liqueur. This explosive twist will redefine your view of tequila and take any of your favorite cocktails to a new level.


Premium Tequilas

Avion Silver

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL 2011, 2012 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMP. The agave aroma is intense with herbal tinges of mint and rosemary, delicate hues of flowers and black pepper hints of grapefruit and pineapple.

Cabo Wabo Reposado

An assertive nose of sweet lime, orange and fresh herbs excites upon pouring. Maturation in American oak casks for 4 to 6 months infuses our Reposado with a bold peppery flavor and hints of fruit that linger on the palate briefly, followed by a long, spicy finish.

Don Eduardo Silver

Don Eduardo Silver is distilled from 100% blue agave; this superb tequila is uniquely "triple distilled" for incredible smoothness. It was the Orendain family who mastered this triple distillation technique at their La Mexicana Distillery in the village of Tequila. 

Don Julio Silver

Commonly referred to as "silver" tequila, its crisp agave flavor and hints of citrus make it an essential component to a variety of innovative drinks including margaritas. It can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Herradura Silver 

This smooth, clean tequila is aged for 45 days to add a hint of color and oak to its tangy citrus character, which brings more agave flavor and unparalleled pleasure to a margarita.

Herradura Reposado

Our reposado is “Rested” or aged for 11 months (9 more than category standards) which gives this tequila its deep copper color and exceptionally smooth taste.

Patron Silver 

Patrón Silver tequila is the perfect ultra-premium white spirit. This light, crystal clear tequila with fresh agave aromas and hints of citrus is a favorite of tequila connoisseurs worldwide, and mixes flawlessly into most any cocktail.

Patron Reposado

Patrón Reposado is a nice switch for current tequila drinkers who want a bit more complexity and smoothness of taste. The balance of fresh agave and oak wood with subtle fruit, citrus and honey notes makes it an excellent sipping tequila or for a premium cocktail.

Aged Premium Tequilas


Avion Anejo

GOLD MEDAL 2011 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. Avion Anejo is aged for two years in oak, it has a lovely golden color. There are hints of vanilla, caramel, and roasted agave notes.

Don Eduardo Anejo

Don Eduardo Añejo Tequila is distilled from 100% blue agave and aged two years. Most añejos are aged in barrels that have been previously used for rum, brandy or even other tequilas; Don Eduardo Añejo is aged exclusively in once-used ex-bourbon barrels, the best from Brown-Forman.

Don Julio Anejo

Rich, distinctive and wonderfully complex, its flavor strikes the perfect balance between agave, wood and hints of vanilla. Best experienced neat in a snifter or simply on the rocks.


Herradura Anejo

Barreling for two years in oak (twice as long as suggested by the category standards) gives it both a deep amber color and complex taste of cooked agave and dried fruit.


Patron Anejo

Patrón Añejo is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas, all aged in small white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. It’s distinct oakwood flavor complemented by vanilla, raisins, and honey with a caramel and smoky finish makes it perfect for sipping.


Tres Generations Anejo

Our Añejo Tequila has a rich, 100% blue agave flavor enhanced by 12 months in toasted American oak barrels where it gains its delicate amber hue, an array of subtle flavors, and its unique smooth, smoky finish.