La Hacienda Del Rio

TAQUERIA AND TEQUILA BAR is UP and running wild!

Alright  fellow tequila connoisseurs and burrito lovers, the new website for La Hacienda Del Rio is officially up and running. Saying that is complete/done/finished would be a straight out lie. is ALIVE!!! 

The site will constantly be changing/altering/developing (Yes, may be open on my next tab). So make sure to check us out from time to time for new specials, events, food items "yum". Also, follow me, Patrick aka your digital conductor for all things La Hacienda, by simply clicking on any of the social media links at the top of 

That's right, I tweet, I blog, I quote FUNNY movies, and pin pictures like its my job, (cuz it is). I also enjoy any comments/feedback/suggestions you all may have so critique away and let your feelings flow free. I'm out of time today, "see you in another life brotha!".